Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Pink-foot wanderings

On the 20th February 2013 Keith and I drove down to the Cresswell area for a spot of birding,whilst there we checked out Woodhorn and noted 4 Whitefronted Geese with about 100 Pink-feet.
Within the flock was a Pink-foot with a pale blue neck ring,the white lettering on it read TVS.
On returning home we sent off details to the BTO,we have just received the following information.
It's full ID number is CGTVS,it's metal ring number is GBT1412427. It was first ringed as a juvenile(male) 16/10/08 at Loch of Linthrathan in Angus,it was next sighted 15/10/08 at Meikle Loch in
Aberdeenshire,then 29/12/09 at Fylde in Lancashire,then 7/12/10 at Cockerham in Lancashire and
finally our sighting at Woodhorn.It's amazing what you can learn from a ring.   

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