Sunday, 23 June 2013

Fenham Flats 23rd June

Today saw me doing my monthly WeBS count at Fenham Flats,it is a very quiet time of the year and today was no exception,the mud flats were very still and almost devoid of birdlife. On closer examination using a telescope more and more birds could be seen including 115 Curlew, 57 Oystercatchers, 88 Bar Tailed Godwits and 5 Knot which included a stunning breeding plumaged bird in its brick red finery. One thing which wasn't quiet was the weather as I was soaked by an intensely heavy downpour. The one downer on the day is the excellent wet flash at Elwick is slowly being drained which is a real shame as last year it was a fantastic spot for autumn wader passage. 

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