Thursday, 18 July 2013

Three Highlights:
*Yesterday, 17th July 2013, 2 Red Kites flew lazily northward and slightly inland of the coast at Beadnell Bay, ( this relatively rare sighting of Red Kites in Northumberland will be reported to Friends of Red Kites who monitor sightings after a release of this species in the N.E. some 8 yrs ago).
*This evening, c 30 Swifts, screaming in delight at the perfect weather to display their antics at full speed over the rooftops, where several are know to breed annually, but flying too fast for an accurate count.
*Farne Islands' birds: huge numbers of Puffins ( c55,000), record numbers of Razor Bills, together with Guillemots, Kittiwakes, Shags and a fine selection of Tern & Gull species are currently fledging thousands of juveniles as their breeding season has passed half-way, but it is not too late to visit in these perfect weather conditions.
Oh, and the visiting Bridled Tern is back there again.

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