Wednesday, 15 October 2014

A Day on the East Lothian Coast

Together with three other Bird Club Members,a decision was made to head North of the Border for a change as some research suggested there may be some interesting sightings in the Torness area.

First stop,Thorntonloch ,and a walk along the sunlit beach provided the usual Dunlin, Ringed Plover and Herring,Black Headed and Common Gulls ,both adult and juvenile.Out to sea ,among the heavy swell,Gannets fished.
Next stop was the small woodland near the Visitor's Car Park at Torness where a Booted Warbler had been reported daily.A small group of birders were seen through the trees but the problem was crossing the fence bearing in mind the 21 year old artificial hip of one of our group.After some manhandling some progress was made but the sight of three women apparently trying to bundle a large object somewhat unceremoniously over the perimeter fence must have raised some alarm as a Police car swept in  and stopped to get a closer look!Leaving Colin dangling uncomfortably half over the fence we waved and smiled apologetically at the Police who drove off  realising we were possibly mad but not bad!.
Our efforts and our companion's discomfort were rewarded by superb views of a very active,obliging Booted Warbler which we observed for a good 20 minutes before it flew out of sight in the woodland.A first for us all!
Next stop Skateraw,and a walk around the Power Station and out to the pier.The wind was strong and the sea rough so  there was little to see apart from Eider,Gannet,Cormorant and Pied Wagtail.
A good  day out but made special by the Booted Warbler!
Looking at the day's recorded sightings later it appeared we missed a Siberian Stonechat,which we must have driven past and which was spotted by more experienced birders!

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