Saturday, 23 January 2016

Two suprises at Branton Ponds!

Today, with weather calm & mild, among a selection of Gulls were surprisingly 2 Kittiwakes (in winter plumage) - it is rare to find this marine species inland!
Pleasingly were a minimum of 24 Curlew, now a Red Listed species. 4 Common Snipe rested on the same island.
Two ponds held good numbers of duck: Tufted,Wigeon, Mallard, Goldeneye (pairing) & 5 Goosander.
Second surprise: a Stoat in Ermine, with a clear black tipped tail, seen several times.

At Hedgeley Ponds, 23 Snipe lined the edge of the low island whilst 400 plus Lapwing circled overhead looking to land. A pair of Gadwall were among the duck species there.

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