Saturday, 19 January 2013

Deep and crisp and even

A walk around a very snowy Branton Ponds started well when 2 Kestrels were observed mobbing a Stoat which was carrying a Vole; the question is whose meal was it?
Further on some calling in the reeds alerted us to 4 Stonechats, a very unusual sight at Branton at this time of year. A small open patch of water contained a mixed flock of 30 Teal and Wigeon plus 3 stunning male Goldeneye and 1 female. On reaching the pond inflow a small area of ice free water yielded up a Kingfisher diving for his supper. Further birds added included Lesser Redpoll and a number of Coot and Moorhens,which just goes to show that no matter what the weather is like nature will find a way to survive.
Ian and Keith

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