Friday, 25 January 2013

Local Patch Birding 24th January

A quick foray out the front door with the dog brought views of 2 Peregrine as they sparred for possession of the local pylons.
In the afternoon I decided to checked Branton Ponds but the trudge through the deep snow was worth it. A Water Rail was observed at a wet flush caused by a field drain creating green & soft ground for it to feed, it had been in the same area two days earlier. While enjoying the moment, my periphery vision made me glance side ways to where a Barn Owl was hunting the reed beds, this at 2pm. But I didnt stay long since disturbance of birds feeding in this weather can be disastrous. Instead I continued to the East pond where in open water created by the inflow, a Kingfisher was heard. With my ears now alerted, a small bird calling behind made me turn to find a Willow Tit feeding, the views couldn't be improved. Further on wonderfully colourful male Bullfinch fed and 15 Snipe were flushed by some unseen predator. Finally as I left the ponds a Brambling in the hedge finished the walk off just nicely.

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