Sunday, 21 April 2013

Along Ross Sands yesterday morning/early afternoon (20th). Still some winter visitors hanging-on: Slavonian Grebe (now in almost complete breeding plumage); four Red-throated Divers (three of which were well on the way to developing breeding plumage); a dozen Sanderling.

Summer visitors: Blackcap (male and the first of the season for me); numerous Sandwich Terns and odd Gannet well offshore. Also had my best views of Swallow so far this Spring.

On way back to car spotted four big white things with black wing tips. They were quite some distance away and toward the Kyloe area. Ruminated on whether they were Snow Goose (white morphs). Just then text message came in telling me that there were four Snow Goose (white morph) spotted at East Chevington and heading north. That was 2:30 and I received the message at 3:15 just as the geese were disappearing out of sight. So that's about 25 miles (if they flew along the coast) in 45 minutes.

Back home via Bradford Kaims where the reported Pectoral Sandpiper was spotted.


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