Saturday, 13 April 2013

Call of the Wild

A milder morning found me tempted back up the Harthope Valley early in the morning for third time this week in search of a special bird which returns to the rocky gullies and heather slopes around this time of the year. I could already hear the clear call of a Mistle Thrush ringing out from the hillside, Meadow Pipits were indulging in their beautiful little parachute displays (calling as they descend) and the Red Grouse were scolding 'Go back, go back' but these were not the main object of my quest. I headed steadily upwards, climbing further into the hills. After half an hour or so, a new clear call beckoned me ever further up the valley; there he was at last- a beautiful male Ring Ouzel singing his sweet song from the bare branches of a little Rowan Tree. Let Spring begin!

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