Monday, 18 February 2013

Bittern-sweet at Cresswell Pond 18th February

Half term and a few hours to spare gave me the chance to stake out Cresswell Pond for the Bittern which we missed by five minutes on Sunday. A full hide looked promising, however after two hours of waiting I was left by myself and still no sign of the bird,I decided to have one more sweep with the scope then head off to pastures new.Whilst scanning the reeds something black and shiny caught my attention,it was an eye,this soon became a long dagger like bill and there it was a Bittern in it's incredibly cryptic plumage.It was half hidden by foliage ,a typical view, however not for long as for the next ten minutes it stepped out and skulked up and down the edge of the reedbed,Luckily two birders from Manchester came in and it held us all enthralled until like a ghost it merged back into the reeds.

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