Monday, 18 February 2013

 A gloriously calm & sunny day saw a huge flock c 3500  Pinkfeet (at 3.0p.m.) enjoying this fine weather - grazing, resting & drinking from puddles  - in a pasture field immediately adjacent to Doddington. Using the car as a hide, (parked in an unofficial lay-by on the Wooler side of the speed restriction signs), wonderfully close views could be obtained. However,  geese are notoriously wary & sadly their sojourn was disturbed by 4 walkers who, whilst also admiring them, came far too close & up went the geese. They flew towards Nesbit and Fenton still in view but very much more distant, here they joined even more smaller groups of geese. The total estimate was nearer 4000 geese! If trying to view these magnificent birds then caution is the word, there are very sensitive and need peace to feed up for their return migration.

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