Sunday, 10 February 2013

Over the Garden Wall

A cacophony of sound greeted me as I opened the door this morning-Pink Footed Geese ,just over the garden wall settling in for a good feed on the adjacent pasture.Binocs,Scope,camera at the ready I crouched behind the wall to count them-between  1800 and 2000!Suddenly our farmer neighbour on his quad bike arrived to feed the sheep and in a moment they were gone again,protesting their way towards the Milfield Plain in search of a more peaceful location.
At almost the same time a pair of Grey Partridge exploded from behind the wall where they had been feeding out of my view.
Later,on the feeders,8 Long Tailed Tits were feasting on the fat,probably some of the 16 spotted earlier in our woodland.They were soon seen off by 3 Tree Sparrows ,hopefully their return  signalling their intention of nesting in our boxes once again !

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